Every year, the first work day in September marks the start of the vocational life for many young people. Endress+Hauser offers a total of 36 apprenticeship positions. Most of them are at the main plant in Maulburg and respectively two at the sites of Kassel and Stahnsdorf near Berlin. Apart from the occupation as electrician, which almost half the apprentices opted for, Endress+Hauser offers an array of different apprenticeships. As of next year, the number of apprenticeship positions and university study courses is supposed to be increased considerably once again.

The new apprentices 2012: Manuel Amrein, Jessica Bächtle, Tim Frey, Lukas Gail, Lukas Glaser, Tim Hellstern, Dominik Samuel Jenne, Jan Kilchling, Jessica Kuhne, Raphael Löffler, Kevin Maier, Jonas Muser, Wolfgang Oßwald, Lars Reiniger, Max Rümmele, Monja Senn, Verena Siebold, Kevin Skljarenko, Paul Sutter, Dominik Schäfter, Maximilian Schaffrinna, Anna Schneider, Dominic Schwanz, Lukas Schwörer, Simon Steinebrunner, Felix Stortz, Felix Strittmatter, Fabian Struwe, Angelo Terranova, Swen Walleser, Brian Wiezel, Christof Wunderle, Efraim Polizzi, Patrik Dippel, Marcel Frevert, Sandro Maue.

„For young people, it is an exciting day but in the beginning they are jumping into the deep end and we would like to support them in this process of course," relates Jens Kröger, Department Manager HR Development. "Young people must learn to open themselves in order to start successfully into their vocational life. They should be ready for new things and regard challenges as chances."

To facilitate the start of the new associates, the trainers begin with a joint introduction week. Here, the young people can get to know each other and receive all important information on the head office in Maulburg and the entire group. The following week, the curriculum starts right away: the industrial apprentices and the students of the integrated study course are instructed at the training workshop, the commercial apprentices start working in various departments. The next three years will require flexibility and commitment – they will get to know many different departments, requirements and new colleagues.

The apprenticeship in an international company like Endress+Hauser offers numerous perspectives. Thanks to work experience in Switzerland, the apprentices receive the so-called Euregio Certificate. In addition, many young people get to visit the company site in Manchester in England and are thus able to improve their language skills. For years, apprentices have subsequently got a job in the company or were supported in planning their further career, e.g. attending a school for additional training. "We are pleased to have qualified skilled workers we can use in the production departments. But we also enjoy supporting young people who want to go back to school after their apprenticeship," explains Jens Kröger. "Many apprentices only realize during their training where their professional goals could be."